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About PRESTON Aviation

PRESTON Aviation

We specialize in providing services in the field of helicopter aviation, allowing you to explore the beauty of Europe in an entirely new way. With our selection of scenic and adventure flights, you can treat yourself and your loved ones. Whether you dream of a professional aviation career or simply want to acquire pilot skills for your own pleasure, PRESTON Aviation is the right choice for you.

We take into account all your preferences and prepare a tailor-made offer just for you. With us, you won't have to deal with regular flight routes and waiting at airports. We guarantee flexibility, speed, and comfort. Our pilots have extensive experience, and safety is our top priority.

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure with stunning helicopter views of Moravia. Along with the flight, you can enjoy a delightful experience, whether it's a leisurely meal at a prestigious restaurant or a wine tasting at a renowned winery.

We tailor the flight route to your preferences, ensuring you have the maximum enjoyment. If you have a dream destination different from our listed offerings, let us know, and we will create a personalized offer just for you.

In the event of unfavorable weather conditions on your scheduled date, there's no need to worry. Our professionals will arrange an alternative date that suits you.

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Sightseeing flight with expreience
Winery U Kapličky (Zaječí)

  • 35 minutes Flight duration
  • Tuřany airport Departure
  • Medlánky airport Departure


Price: 16 499,- 
(Degustation included)


Sightseeing flight with experience
Restaurant at hotel Kraví Hora (Bořetice)

  • 35 minutes Flight duration
  • Tuřany airport Departure
  • Medlánky airport Departure

Price: 16 499,- 
(Lunch/ Dinner menu included)


Sightseeing flight with experience
Spielberg winery (Archlebov)

  • 35 minutes Flight duration
  • Tuřany airport Departure
  • Medlánky airport Departure

Price: 16 499,- 
(Degustation included)



Are you going on a business trip or do you need to transport a shipment? We're here for you.

Our air transportation service specializes in providing private flights within Central Europe. We pride ourselves on flexibility, as our helicopters can land practically anywhere, saving you the hassle of waiting at the airport. With us, you can be confident that your flights will be fast, safe, and discreet.

Contact us for more information and a non-binding offer.

Customized offer

Based on your wishes and preferences, we will create a customized flight itinerary specifically for you.



Helicopters can fly all year round. Their main advantage is their ability to land outside the confinement of an airport and get as close as possible to the departure point and destination. Helicopters fly at an average 200 km / hr.

Travelling from Prague to Brno takes approximately 60 minutes. Brno to Vienna 45 minutes. Brno to Bratislava 40 minutes and the Brno - Ostrava route takes 35 minutes.

We have several types of helicopters available, have a look at our offer.

VIP Bell 427 

  • 6+Pilot Total Seats
  • 230 km/h Speed
  • 575 km Range
Maximum altitude 3048 m
Rotor diameter 11.2 m
Hull lenght 11.4 m
Hull height 3.2 m
Maximum takeoff weight 2970 kg
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Bell 206

  • 4+Pilot Total Seats
  • 210 km/h Speed
  • 525 km Range
Maximum altitude 6096 m
Rotor diameter 10.1 m
Hull lenght 11.9 m
Hull height 2.8 m
Maximum takeoff weight 1452 kg
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Robinson R44

  • 3+Pilot Total Seats
  • 200 km/h Speed
  • 500 km Range
Maximum altitude 4267 m
Rotor diameter 10.1 m
Hull lenght 11.7 m
Hull height 3.3 m
Maximum takeoff weight 1134 kg
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Bell 505

  • 4+pilot Total Seats
  • 220 km/h Speed
  • 550 km Range
Maximum altitude 4267 m
Rotor diameter 11.28 m
Hull lenght 12.95 m
Hull height 3.25 m
Maximum takeoff weight 635 kg
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Mercedes-Maybach S 680

  • 385 kw power
  • 250 km/h speed
  • 4.5s acceleration from 0-100

In case of bad weather we can arrange service and transport by land.

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Our experienced pilots will take care of your safety and comfort.

Martin Veselý

Martin Veselý has been flying helicopters since 2012, his 11th year, and has flown almost 1,500 hours. He works for Blue Sky Service as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. His primary focus is commercial passenger air travel.

Flying helicopter flights: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206, Bell 407, Bell 427

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Lukáš Veselý

In his 14 years of flying experience (since 2008), Lukáš Veselý managed to fly almost 6.000 hours on helicopters and over 150 hours on airplanes. In addition to private and commercial flying with Blue Sky Service, he is now flying full time for the Air Ambulance Service. His helicopter qualifications include both flight instructor and flight examiner.

Flying helicopter flights: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206, Bell 407, Bell 427, EC 135

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Martin Berka

Martin Berka started his flying career in 2018. He started his flying career first in airplanes, where he has flown more than 60 hours, and then continued his qualification in helicopters, where he has already flown 950 hours. He is in his 2nd year with Blue Sky Service as a commercial pilot and flight instructor in helicopters.

Flying helicopter types: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206

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Additional services


We provide courses suitable for obtaining licenses for piloting aircraft and helicopters, as well as qualification expansion courses. Each course is adapted to the client's time schedule.

for experience

Try driving a helicopter. Expert training and thirty minutes in the sky under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Naše cesty

Krásy Jižní Moravy – R22

03 / 07 / 2023

Krásy Jižní Moravy – R22

Tento let odhalil, proč Filip Navrátil přetavil svou lásku k létání v profesionální leteckou službu a založil PRESTON Aviation.

Noční obloha protkaná ohňostroji – Bell 206

17 / 06 / 2023

Noční obloha protkaná ohňostroji – Bell 206

Noční scenérii našim klientům tentokrát obohatila podívaná na ohňostrojovou show IGNIS BRUNENSIS 2023.

Chorvatsko v dobách kovidových restrikcí – Bell 427

16 / 02 / 2022

Chorvatsko v dobách kovidových restrikcí – Bell 427

Právě v krizových situacích se ukazuje, jak jsme schopni vytvářet a realizovat unikátní letecká řešení pro naše klienty. Rádi bychom s vámi sdíleli jednu z našich záživných zkušeností, kdy jsme se postarali o přepravu klienta do jeho nemovitosti na chorvatském ostrově Hvar.


Všechny služby exkluzivně nabízíme prostřednictvím našeho obchodního partnera – Blue Sky Service.

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