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About PRESTON Aviation

PRESTON Aviation

Hire a private plane for all your trips. At PRESTON Aviation, we offer provide private air transportation for individuals and groups. There are several types of private planes and helicopters available to take you anywhere in Europe. Choose any one of them.

Forget driving on highways. Enjoy the comfort of a fast and reliable means of transportation that adapts to your requirements. If you choose to travel by a helicopter, you will not have to worry about going to the airport. Helicopters can land at a helipad or a similar area, making travel even easier.

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a Helicopter flight

Helicopter rental is especially suitable for flights within Central Europe. Helicopters can fly all year round. Their main advantage is their ability to land outside the confinement of an airport and get as close as possible to the departure point and destination. Helicopters fly at an average 200 km / hr.

Travelling from Prague to Brno takes approximately 60 minutes. Brno to Vienna 45 minutes. Brno to Bratislava 40 minutes and the Brno - Ostrava route takes 35 minutes.

We have several types of helicopters available, including the BEL 427 twin-engine helicopter with a
capacity of 7 seats.

Bell 427

  • 4+2 Total Seats
  • 230 km/h Speed
  • 575 km Range
Maximum altitude 3048 m
Rotor diameter 11.2 m
Hull lenght 11.4 m
Hull height 3.2 m
Maximum takeoff weight 2970 kg
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Bell 206

  • 3+1 Total Seats
  • 210 km/h Speed
  • 525 km Range
Maximum altitude 6096 m
Rotor diameter 10.1 m
Hull lenght 11.9 m
Hull height 2.8 m
Maximum takeoff weight 1452 kg
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Robinson R22

  • 1+1 Total Seats
  • 120 km/h Speed
  • 300 km Range
Maximum altitude 4267 m
Rotor diameter 7.Z m
Hull lenght 8.7 m
Hull height 2.7 m
Maximum takeoff weight 635 kg
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Robinson R44

  • 3+1 Total Seats
  • 200 km/h Speed
  • 500 km Range
Maximum altitude 2700 m
Rotor diameter 10.1 m
Hull lenght 11.7 m
Hull height 3.3 m
Maximum takeoff weight 1134 kg
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Additional services

Test flight
for pilots

Try operating a ZLIN Z42 aircraft or a Robinson R22 helicopter under the supervision of experienced instructors. Flight duration 30 minutes.


See famous places from an aerial view. We offer sightseeing flights by helicopters and planes. Flight duration 15 minutes or more, capacity up to 4 people.

Acrobatic flights

Get on an airplane with an experienced air-force or transport pilot and enjoy an adrenaline experience in a special acrobatic flight. Flight duration 15 minutes, capacity 1 person.

Jet Flights

An exceptional experience in a trainer jet Aero L-29 Dolphin or Aero L-39 Albatross under the supervision of former air-force pilots. Flight duration 120 minutes, capacity 1 person.


We provide courses suitable for obtaining licenses for piloting aircraft and helicopters, as well as qualification expansion courses. Each course is adapted to the client's time schedule.


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